Test Strategies

Whether an organization is looking at testing the smallest of projects or a company wide transformation program of work an approach determining how, who, and what needs to be addressed from a testing point of view. A test strategy embodies these decisions to consistently address all pieces of work in the same way, whether in a project, program of work or across an organization. In creating and enforcing a Test Strategy quality, consistency, best practices and cost savings can be measured and addressed.

TestPro consults, creates and assists in the development and defining of Test Strategies at all levels to provide clear guidance of:

  • Software testing approaches both Automated and Manual
  • Mandatory roles and responsibilities
  • Mandatory reporting and artifact creation
  • Functional and non-functional Tool choices
  • Test Phase gating and signoff

TestPro’s experience brings the ability to create test strategies that are both stringent and flexible for fast moving times without compromising quality.