Agile Testing

Agile development allows a rapid development cycle, with sprints taking often only a few weeks, resulting in substantial implications for traditional testing methods. TestPro bring to your organisation testing techniques based upon collaborative development and testing. The use of technology and appropriate processes allows rapid development and test collaboration. Extend this to continuous integrated testing and the agile development techniques bring substantial value and rapid build to test cycles.

Agile Test Automation

In circumstances where an application is under continual development, being enhanced and fixed on a daily basis, testing is crucial before each new release. TestPro’s automated testing services, utilising a number of industry standard DevOps tools, is a robust solution to integrating product testing into a continuous release approach.

In situations where applications are built daily, best practice release management for continuous integration recommends the use of a dedicated Regression Test Environment. This enables the Development Environment to continuously improve its products, which has a flow on effect to improved customer satisfaction.