Load & Performance Testing

Ensure the effective deployment of your systems and the reliability of ongoing operations by leveraging TestPro’s expertise in application Load, Performance and Stress testing.

Our solution to load test your application is a turn key solution, deploying resources, technology and best practice to deliver the fastest load test solution. This can be done completely remotely and with minimal impact to the existing teams delivery. Insurance against a poorly performing application.

System performance under load and stress is an area of significant risk for projects. To minimise risk you need expertise to plan, design and execute a performance test using the most appropriate tools. TestPro has expertise as well as specialist skills in this area. We provide tools, hardware and resources to deliver load tests with useful and cost effective outcomes. Some of these include:

  • Current tools including Rational, HP (LoadRunner), Scapa, Open Source (JMeter)
  • Fixed Price tests
  • Infrastructure diagnosis
  • Remote site load testing
  • LAN/WAN performance and response times
  • Supply test hardware (if required)

Over 25 years we have used tools such as Segue and Compuware.

Automated testing allows you to establish and repeatably deliver baseline test results as evidence of a finite series of predictable outcomes. These results also serve to provide clients with high confidence that BAU system software is behaving as expected. Automated test tools and benefits provide:

  • Proactivity
  • Not labour intensive
  • Repeatable
  • Accurate (performance times measured)
  • Scalable (increasing test user numbers accurately)
  • Tuning can be measured
  • Can run across existing WAN networks for metrics
  • Simulate BAU business usage patterns
  • Diversifies the data access patterns of the real users

When simulating system behaviour using a load test, the objective is to execute and test in order to obtain an adequate level of information so as to correctly assess the health or performance of the system. The test will then place your team in a position to clearly understand key system software issues such as:

  • How many online users can your system support?
  • What response times will the end users see?
  • What kind of load will the new application create?
  • What impact does geographical location make?
  • Where should tuning be carried out, what key parameters?
  • Is the hardware sizing configuration appropriate?
  • Where additional funding should be allocated for infrastructure?
  • Are there architecture bottlenecks?

The Load Test consists of 3 distinct phases:

  1. Planning & Environment
  2. Preparation
  3. Execution & Reports

Each phase has a milestone for evaluation and continuation into the next phase. These distinct phases provide an opportunity to evaluate progress against the road map/project plan and to ensure the project can continue unimpeded.

We have deep experience in building performance test environments. We are also aware of defining the differences between the test environment and the production environment. Even though it may appear to be “the same” it is often different due to minor changes in configuration, version, or dependencies.

Estimating the variances as a result of these differences, and/or identifying and quantifying the key differences is an important part of the test process.

Hardware Capability

TestPro has the ability to support your organization with all the load test hardware required as a part of the solution. This hardware has a nominal coverage cost associated with it, that is significantly less than the hire/purchase cost of this hardware.

In addition, TestPro can facilitate access to a full range of hardware that can be used for full-scale load tests off-site in a controlled environment. Thus load testing of applications already in production can be covered.


TestPro has a significant expertise in this area of load and stress testing. Understanding that a test has many possible outcomes is critical to understanding where bottlenecks may be found.

It is TestPro’s experience that whilst additional hardware can support more load, by altering software application components and configurations greater performance improvements are often found.