Apollo – The RFT Emulator

Apollo is the TestPro RFT Emulation product that can be used to successfully migrate from RFT to Selenium while continuing to run your existing scripts.

Apollo Benefits

Apollo is an RFT (IBM Rational Functional Tester) Runtime Emulation product that enables existing IBM RFT scripts to run without RFT. Apollo uses Selenium as its browser access engine, which puts you on the path towards Selenium.

RFT: A legacy tool

RFT is now a legacy product with a limited support life. Selenium is the future technology.

Plan your migration

Existing RFT users should be planning their migration strategy from RFT to Selenium.

Reuse, don’t rebuild

Preserve the value in existing qualified regression scripts. By keeping your existing RFT test scripts and migrating to a Selenium based emulation your value is preserved.

Migration not conversion

Migrate into a Selenium based environment using the Apollo RFT Runtime Emulation. Conversion from RFT is an expensive process requiring a rewrite from RFT into Selenium. Why rewrite when you can migrate. RFT end of life does not mean your scripts are worthless.

Reduce training costs

By migrating, your existing skill set is maintained, whilst still learning the new Selenium technology.

Save time on test validation

On Apollo, the SAME RFT scripts produce the SAME results. Because your test scripts don’t change, what passed and failed before continues with Apollo, making it easy to compare the previous results and prove that your getting the same results.

Apollo is an IBM Rational Functional Tester emulator, providing a migration from RFT to Selenium.

Are you wanting to retain your investment in IBM Rational Functional Tester scripts?

Apollo EMULATES the IBM RFT tool and allows you to migrate from RFT to Selenium. This solution is an EMULATOR for RFT and allows your scripts to run using the power of the cloud. Using the lowest cost tool – Selenium to then run 100’s of scripts in parallel. Your maintenance costs are lowered, whilst increasing the speed of the testing and progressing your migration to Selenium.

  • RFT to Selenium Emulation
  • No need to rewrite the code
  • Use RFT AND Selenium together in one project
  • Save your year’s worth of RFT script work and effort
  • Remove license limits of RFT – no need to renew RFT
  • Run hundreds of Selenium (RFT) scripts in parallel with no RFT costs
  • 3 simple steps to migrate
  • Retain your current automation and use RFT and Apollo/Selenium either together or separately

As tools like Selenium become more predominant in the marketplace, there is a difference between how IBM RFT operates and how Selenium operate. There are 3 core migration steps:

  1. Replace Data Pools with Selenium Compatible CSV files
  2. Replace Object Maps with Selenium Compatible object finds
  3. Add the Apollo emulator. 

The Apollo emulator uses Selenium drivers but also has a significant library of functions which take existing RFT commands and executes the equivalent selenium command. This emulator covers a significant proportion of RFT commands and allows you to migrate to Selenium.

You can:

  • Migrate RFT whilst using “exactly the same” scripts
  • Integrate new selenium code into the current RFT automation
  • Validate each step to ensure integrity of the scripts by making one change at a time
  • RFT scripts are made Selenium compatible – also helping learn the new technology process.
  • Remove or reduce your RFT license count and the maintenance costs associated as no RFT licenses are needed to execute the tests. 

Apollo has been written using operational RFT scripts and is expandable for any additional RFT commands. Apollo has client/server architecture. This Azure Marketplace product will install the sever component that manages usage based billing and the proprietary emulation components. The Apollo client FREE download and installation instructions are found at: https://rftautomation.com/install.html

For more details see the product site: https://rftautomation.com

or the Microsoft Azure Marketplace page.