Engage TestPro to Perform a Process Review

Are you processes correct and up to date?

The efficiency of your software processes is directly linked to the quality of what is delivered to the business and end users.

Significant improvements can be found by reviewing existing processes, their maturity and implementing common frameworks for existing teams to work within key process areas and consider the following:

  • What is the quality and operational risk?
  • How do we mitigate that risk within the budget?
  • What level of test management and governance is necessary?
  • How do we balance short and long term quality objectives?
  • What needs testing, what doesn’t?
  • What is the most appropriate testing strategy?
  • What skills, people and tools do we need?
  • Which testing activities are best suited to automation and with which tools?

For many organisations, optimising software processes offers the opportunity to enhance and increase the productivity of their IT projects and activities.

Test Effectiveness Management (TEM)

In line with similar structured effectiveness measurement methodologies TEM evaluates the testing process and makes clear recommendations to management for improvement.