TestPro are Microsoft Partners

As Microsoft Partners TestPro can help you set up your test and load environments in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Whether you need virtual servers for:

  • Test environments
  • Database hosting
  • Load generation
  • Virtual desktops

TestPro can set up and manage these environments to support the test project and maximise your allocation of free resources as part of an Azure Trial.

Test Automation TAFPro & Selenium+Robot Framework

A DevOps test server. Saving time installing tools: TAFPro with Selenium, AutoIT, Robot Framework

This automated test server is ready to use for authoring and execution of preinstalled Selenium, Robot Framework, AutoIT, Eclipse, TAFPro. It is perfect for your DevOps testing for developers and automation teams and supports development tools like the Azure DevOps solutions.

This server comes with these software packages installed. Ready to use automated test authoring and execution:

  • Selenium Java
  • Robot Framework
  • AutoIt with AutoItX for Java
  • Eclipse Java IDE
  • TAFPro (both server and agent components)

A Test Server

  • Prebuilt and Preconfigured
  • Extend your existing test framework into the Azure cloud
  • Saves you time and effort and provides TAFPro for Parallel Execution on Azure

Delivery in Agile/DevOps

  • Use for Continuous Testing and Azure DevOps
  • Supports TFS, Bamboo, Hudson, Jenkins etc
  • Command line execution
  • Execution Agents can Scale to have 1000’s of test running in parallel
  • Scalable to 1000’s of parallel tests
  • Designed for Agile Projects – Saves you building a solution

Parallel testing (TAFPro)

  • TAFPro is the latest method of queuing large numbers of tests in a cloud environment
  • Tests are able to be executed across 1000’s of Azure machines
  • Tests are automatically executed when triggered off a build server
  • Tests are queued to use any server that becomes available
  • Trigger from onsite into the cloud for scaled execution
  • TAFPro provides the MOST EFFICIENT way to scale and Schedule automated tests
  • TAFPro is unique in the way it manages test execution

Data Driven Test Management

  • TAFPro can manage millions of data driven tests
  • TAFPro can manage data driven function for multiple tools like selenium, test complete, AutoIT and Robot Framework and others
  • No other tool offers out of the box data driven functions for these tools
  • TAFPro then can execute your current scripts with 1000’s of data combinations

With this server, you can immediately author automated tests, execute tests and then scale your tests with 1000’s of data combinations to substantially increase your test combination coverage.

Used where any IT project needs to test an application using 1000’s of data combinations. Then test these in parallel to meet your project deadlines. This unique solution has been proven and tested in banks, healthcare, federal regulatory organization and other organizations.

For more information on the free trial on Azure https://www.testingautomationframework.com/tafpro-on-azure/

TAF Azure Architecture