Headless & Web Service Testing

Reduce the Risks of Service Oriented Architecture

TestPro helps you to reduce the risk associated with Service-Oriented Architecture transformations with an integrated solution for SOA governance, quality and management.

We have the experience to assist you with an implementation to make the testing of your SOA deployment more time and cost efficient. TestPro helps you:

  • Perform functional and performance testing on SOA Services
  • Test service-oriented architecture services that are not yet completed
  • Ensure that a SOA service will perform the same with different client technologies
  • Ensure that SOA services will scale to expected user and performance levels
  • Implement strategies and processes to efficiently test SOA Services, both for functionality and for performance constraints

Headless Testing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Web Service Testing

HTTP and JMS Messaging

Although HTTP is the most common Web Services protocol for testing back end Web Services, TestPro also verifies multiple system transports mechanisms such as JMS with different communications Quality of Service (QoS) and message semantics.


We test all Message Types

TestPro platforms support both modes of transport apparatus. These are HTTP(s) and JMS and we also provide our clients with confidence regarding application performance, scalability and reliability.

Trigger and Test

Ensure your System is routing and processing messages correctly

We trigger test message semantics including synchronous/asynchronous, request/reply, transactional, publish/subscribe and guarantee delivery. We help you select the right protocol depending on your system messaging requirements.


Ensure your System is routing and processing messages correctly

TestPro can test common requirements such as point-to-point versus one-to-many. The latter drives the request/reply or publish/subscribe decision bypassing any interaction with the GUI.

TestPro tests your Web Services via SOAP requests over HTTP:

  • Externally facing Web Services (e.g. customers or suppliers)
  • For simple Point-to-Point and stateless services
  • Where you need a thin client with no MOM installations

TestPro also tests Web Services with SOAP over JMS:

  • High-volume distributed messaging
  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Where a transaction boundary is needed in the middle ware
  • Where the message consumers are slower than the producers
  • Guaranteed deliver and/or only once delivery of messages
  • Publish/subscribe
  • Distributed peer systems that might at times be disconnected

TestPro can also establish whether or not you need to incorporate the SOAP envelope inside the firewall if there are no WS policies to communicate. For example, you could switch to context based routing (message routing based on the content of the message) inside the firewall.