Test Automation

The Benefits of Test Automation pays for Itself!

Invest in Automation

Automated functional testing, especially automated regression testing, provides significant benefits beyond manual testing and the ROI makes it a worthwhile investment for almost any project.

Reduce Workload and Save Time

The benefits are especially compelling for projects, or systems, with multiple releases over a period of time. The benefits of automated testing are that testing becomes repeatable, faster and less labour intensive. In particular it reduces the workload of manual testing on Business Users, who are often hard to schedule for testing.

Think Ahead

Longer term skills transfer and processes can be established to ensure automation success for the life of the project maintenance through:

  • Automation planning
  • Test & Release planning
  • Skills transfer
  • Script Development
  • Execution processes for rapid return
Deliver repeatable, timely and reliable outcomes every time

Automated test tools are:

  • Efficient and accurate
  • Not labour intensive
  • Highly repeatable
  • Simulate business usage patterns
  • Able to create test conditions without much rework
Automate on an Enterprise Level

For large systems we recommend the use of an automation framework. This provides a scalable methodology and implementation platform that results in an automation solution that is simple to maintain and evolve in line with target system changes, whilst supporting hundreds or thousands of tests.

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Outsourcing Automated Testing

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Automation is an expense that most projects and companies want to see achieved, but cannot afford to have the necessary dedicated staff with the expertise and skills to actually deliver the projects. By supporting your development and test teams, automation can be carried out by a specialist team using an on/off site model.

Schedule your Automation Testing to Execute Periodically

Automation scripts are created and then executed on a scheduled basis, finding errors more often and faster than normal manual regression/load testing. Clearly this cannot replace manual testing, especially for new code or changes, but can improve the regressive and previous performance characteristics.

  • Continual modelling and script maintenance
  • Regular Script Execution
  • Regular Defect tracking and feedback
Let us Show you How

We are able to provide the competency to assist you to implement automation efficiently and see a quick return on your investment. We can also reduce your automation cost and risk with the TAF Pro Automation Framework.

TestPro has extensive s expertise providing these services, please contact us.