Performance Test Virtual Environments

Scapa TPP – Performance Testing

Scapa TPP is a best-of-breed Performance Testing Tool for Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop and Citrix, BMC Remedy AR System, with support for additional technologies such as Oracle Forms/eBusiness IBM Websphere MQ and HTTP(s) protocols.

Scapa StressTest is the only stress testing technology that is designed to test Thin Client environments comprehensively, covering all technologies and system architectures, including Citrix.

Scapa provides all supported protocols and APIs, and system data collection from all layers in an architecture stack, all in a single product at a single price and they can be applied in combination, allowing Scapa TPP to:

  • Perform all types of testing across the project lifecycle
  • Function in architectures of any complexity
  • Help migrate any architecture to any other.

TestPro is the only authorised reseller of Scapa Testing Tools in Australia and can help tailor a solution to suit your Citrix testing needs.

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Scapa TPP Key Product Features


Simulated users can be distributed in complex ways over physical networks, Firewall configurations supported


Parameterisation of variables allowing simulation of different transactions

Control of load

Sliders to dynamically increase and decrease load, Instantaneous response time and throughput visualisation, Integrated operational data view, Control over business throughput as well as user count. Predefined tests, Scheduled test execution.

Service Level Management

End-to-end service availability and response time monitoring Integration with Enterprise Monitoring tools from BMC, IBM, CA, HP, and others.


Graphical, Tabular, Web, PDF

Scapa provides reporting in a range of different formats!

Whatever the system set-up, or the mix of applications, packaged or custom-built, Scapa StressTest can help analyse, monitor and tune the system to achieve and maintain optimal performance and resilience.

Scapa StressTest can analyse RDP and Citrix® ICA® clients, as well as systems that combine both, and is compatible with current as well as earlier versions of these technologies.

Scapa StressTest measures end-user response times, vital information enabling accurate sizing and performance benchmarking of the entire system. With this information, systems can be assured to be fully operational and users protected from performance or resilience issue.