Optimise Software Development

IBM Rational Suite

As an IBM Business Partner, TestPro has used, recommended and supplied IBM Rational® products both in delivering services and supporting its clients in their own software development activities.

Rational® Functional Tester (RFT)

“Rational® Functional Tester (RFT) is an automated functional testing and regression testing tool”

Rational® Functional Tester (RFT) provides testers with automated testing capabilities for functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing and data-driven testing.

TestPro has developed TAF Pro as an integrated solution with the IBM Rational® Functional Tester. This integration enhances the automation capabilities of this tool and significantly increases the business value obtained from test automation.

Most importantly, TAF Pro simplifies test automation and test data management, so that Business Users and Business Testers can develop and execute their own test suites.

TestPro can assist you with the implementation and/or update of Rational® Functional Tester and train your staff in the effective use of the tool.


Rational Team Workbench

The IBM Rational® solution for systems and software engineering combines IBM development software, proven best practices, and flexible deployment services into a workbench to accelerate your development.

TAF Pro is an off-the-shelf Automated Software Testing Framework that integrates with Rational® Functional Tester, Rational® Performance Tester and Rational® Quality Manager and have these products working together to deliver a complete solution.

In summary, TAF Pro provides an out of the box, mature automation framework which immediately offers enhancements to how Rational Products are used.


Rational Quality Manager

“IBM Rational® Quality Manager provides quality assurance teams with means to track all aspects of the quality assurance effort.”

TestPro has developed TAF Pro as an integrated solution with IBM Rational® Quality Manager. This integration enhances the management capabilities of RQM to control the automation execution process, data management and ensure complete execution of test suites.

Rational® Quality Manager is a web-based centralised test management environment for business, system and IT decision makers and quality professionals who seek a collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting capable of quantifying how project decisions and deliverables impact and align with business objectives.

TestPro can assist you with the implementation and/or update of Rational® Quality Manager and train your staff in the effective use of the tool.


Rational Security Testing Tools

IBM® Rational AppScan® is a suite of automated Web application security and compliance assessment tools that scan for common application vulnerabilities, generate actionable reports, and help manage regulatory and standards compliance in online environments.

These products are designed for the broadest range of users from non-security professionals to advanced power users who can utilise the added tools and extensions to create a customised scanning environment.

TestPro can assist you with application security testing as follows:

    • By conducting vulnerability assessments on designated web application systems.
    • By supplying security testing tools and related configuration and training services.

AppScan Product Editions

  • Embeds web application security testing into the build management workflow AppScan Developer Edition
  • Automates application security scanning for non-security professionals AppScan Enterprise Edition
  • Web-based, multi-user solution providing centralized application security scanning and reporting AppScan Express Edition
  • Provides affordable Web application security for smaller organisations AppScan Reporting Console
  • Provides centralized reporting on web application vulnerability data AppScan Standard Edition
  • Desktop solution to automate Web application security testing AppScan Tester Edition
  • Integrated Web application security testing in the QA process